Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is your resume getting noticed?

In the Office of Career Services we sometimes hear concerns from students and alumni during the job and internship process. One of these concerns pertains to not hearing back from an employer after applying to a job or internship. An article published earlier this year on the website Career Realism, an online career magazine, discussed reasons why an employer may not be responding to your resume. The author, Jessica Hernandez, reviews some of the main reasons a resume may not be getting a response.

According to Jessica Hernandez, if your resume is not receiving a response it may be due to one of these six considerations:
1. It still has an objective statement
2. It lacks any form of personal branding
3. It's fluffy
4. Accomplishments are not highlighted
5. Duties and responsibilities have taken over
6. Metrics, facts, and figures are nowhere to be found

To learn how to avoid these resume pitfalls,  review the article and visit the Office of Career Services to have your resume reviewed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We're down to the final four weeks of classes!

As the semester comes to a close, it’s nice to look back and see the accomplishments and look ahead to the future—new initiatives, new projects and workshops, and just new ideas in general. We try to plan events and programs that appeal to you, the students, but we know we are not always successful.  I would love to have some feedback on the programs that you found most (and least) helpful.  We can’t do much about the timing—they will always conflict with  someone's classes, no matter when we schedule them, but we would like to know what you liked and what you didn’t like. 

And it’s hard to determine how best to reach you, so we could use a little help there, too.  Texting is not an option, but how else do you like to receive information?  Emails, flyers, plasmas, OSLE newsletter, Facebook, Twitter?  We know that students don’t always know about our events no matter how much we try to publicize, and, as we hire a new marketing intern for 2014-15, it would be nice for him/her to have some new ideas.

Wishing you all the best for the last few weeks of the semester, and don’t forget that we still have some great workshops left this semester—“Where does my resume really go?” and two alumni panels for jobs in science and sales. And for graduate business students, we have a Corporate Connections with a representative from ZICO (a Coca Cola company) and an alumni panel.  Check HIRE-UT for dates, places, and times!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

NEW Resource! LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace

Looking to enhance your skills? Interested in making a positive impact in your community? Want to connect (network!) with others who share your passion and interests? Thought about volunteering but not sure where to begin your search? 

Well, you are in luck! LinkedIn recently launched LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace! LinkedIn’s newest feature allows you the opportunity to utilize and hone your skills while making a positive impact in the community.

To learn more, visit