Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Risks are YOU Taking for Your Career?

One of my favorite quotes comes from Eleanor Roosevelt, who stated “do one thing every day that scares you.” We receive a lot of messages, whether they be internal or external, that tell us there’s something to be afraid of. We might make a mistake. We might say the wrong thing. We might be too young, too old… we don’t have enough experience. Whatever the situation may be, we could always find a reason why it would be safer to stay within our comfort zone. However, without courage there is less potential for reward.

Sure, job fairs are scary. Networking events can be awkward and uncomfortable. Being scrutinized by a group of people during an interview?! Forget about it! Yet all of these situations will be necessary for career advancement at some point in our career trajectory. Now is as good of time as any to start getting in the habit of taking these types of risks.

With graduation approaching, there are a lot of ways in which students can put themselves out there in order to get noticed in their desired industry.

The Elevator Speech Competition starts on Friday, March 20th. This is a great opportunity to practice your elevator speech if this is something that still seems scary to you. The competition also provides the opportunity for finalists to practice their pitch in front of employers: this is a really great way to make connections and create a lasting first impression. There is also potential to win some cash, if the argument to participate wasn’t convincing enough already.

Within our upcoming “Life After UT” series, there are plenty of additional opportunities to learn about how to stand out when you’re ready to challenge yourself to get in front of employers. On Tuesday, April 7th we have a “Personal Branding and Innovative Job Search” workshop and the week after that we have an “Interviewing Success!” workshop on April 14th. Consider attending both of these informative presentations if you haven’t already signed up.

Finally, we have an alumni panel and networking event on April 21st. This is yet another great opportunity to practice your elevator speech and networking skills and increase your comfort level in marketing yourself as a professional.

You can register for any of these events through your HIRE-UT profile:

Graduation is quickly approaching: what are you most afraid? What risks can you take in order to propel your life as a professional?

Melena Postolowski, MA, NCC
Assistant Director of Internship Programs
Office of Career Services, The University of Tampa

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