Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Seeking Career Advice through Blogs

Many of you may have been required to read a blog or write a blog at some time in your college career but did you really understand the power of this tool?

Blogs related to your career area of interest, location or work environment could be some of the most helpful tools that can lead your decisions while in college or after you graduate.

Here are my top 5 career blogs. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and I challenge you to find the blog that speaks to you. We all have a certain style and each blog writer is intended for a certain audience. Do your own research and subscribe to a blog that you will read daily.

Lindsey gives career advice for millennial employees. She helps this generation to bust through the stereotypes and own the strengths that will make millennials thrive in their careers.


Ms. Career Girl aims to help ambitious young professional women find passion in their profession, or a profession out of their passions. 


Have you heard all of the hype about LinkedIn but are still unsure as to how to use it? This blog is an excellent tool to give you insight as to how to use this tool to network and job search.


Learn from a former Google employee on tips of how to thrive in your life after college.


Do you know what makes you stand out? Subscribe to this blog to continually learn about how to differentiate yourself in a global marketplace.


Remember, your job search is your own. It’s time for you to take control and actively seek success whether you are a Freshman or Senior. You all will be job searching very soon!


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Jessie Amanda Bush, M.A.

Assistant Director, Career Coaching & Professional Development

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