Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Take Advantage of This Time to Become the Most Amazing Version of Yourself

Although to a first year student it seems like college will be a long four years, in reality, it comes to an end sooner than anyone is prepared for. Whether you have made the extra effort to graduate in four years or you are finishing your degree in 5+ years, it is important to realize that this frame of time does not last and once you have graduated it is the real world.

College is a life changing experience for anyone – it is a time to make lifelong friends, find your own independence, study subjects of true interest to you and for you to learn and experience things you never were aware of beforehand. As you become comfortable in your daily routine, it is often times hard to reach out and try new things – especially as you become an upper classman.

It is important to take this time period to mold yourself into someone who you want employers and others to see you as. If you spend too much time partying and sleeping through class, what benefits did you really receive from college? Is that something that you can put on your resume?

Find things that you are truly passionate about and get involved. If you join a club just because your roommate has joined it and not because you like it, oftentimes people who are interviewing you will be able to read right through the act that you put on.

Another great way to help mold yourself into a professional is by utilizing all the tools at the Office of Career Service. Many people mistake the office to solely focused on job search, when actually it provides so much more. If you take a look on the HIRE-UT website it will be easy to find all the events and workshops that are schedules with themes such as “What Makes YOU Stand Out” and “The Right Major for You”.

Career Services is one of the most useful offices here on campus if students use it the right way. Don’t get too comfortable in your everyday routine. Get out there and visit the Office of Career Services to help shape your future.
Tori Williams
Marketing Intern
Office of Career Services, The University of Tampa

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