Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Get a Part-Time Job…Why?

UT Students!!   Welcome back to The University of Tampa, we hope your Fall semester has gotten off to a great start.   We are thrilled that a record number of students are enrolled at UT this year.   Many of you may be thinking about getting a job or already have a part-time position either on or off campus.  The obvious reason is to make extra money to cover expenses while in school but have you thought about your work through a different lens?   While the money always help, you will most likely be developing various skill sets that will carry you through internships and onto your full-time job search when you leave UT.   From critical communication skills to more technical computer skills, your part-time experience can help you get the edge on that next step.  If you pay enough attention, you will develop a much deeper understanding of various industries as well as the inter-workings of how an office culture really works.  Be sure to capitalize on the many opportunities to meet new people and impress your co-workers to further add to your growing collection of networking contacts.    In closing, the Office of Career Services challenges you to not only get a part-time job but look at it as more than just a paycheck. 

Get a jump on your search by attending the Fall 2014 Part-Time Job Fair this Thursday, August 28 from 1 pm to 3:30 pm in Plant Hall, Fletcher Lounge.  For a list of companies log into your HIRE-UT account now.   Best of luck!!
Mark W. Colvenbach
Director, Office of Career Services
The University of Tampa