Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Should YOU Attend a Career Fair?

Career Fairs remain a common practice at universities, yet some students meet such events with apprehension year after year. In anticipation of our upcoming Professional Job Fair, here are some thoughts on why students, at any level, should consider attending:

Career Fairs are an important first step for first year students!
·        Learn about companies to assist you in major selection and ultimate career choice.
Gain exposure to recruiters to build relationships and understand the career search process in a no-stress environment.
·        Experience the event. Take the time to walk around and observe your peers and the conversations around you. This will help to prepare you for this event in the future!

Calling all Sophomores! Get involved by attending the Professional Job Fair:
·        Learn
about companies that you may want to work or intern for in the future.
·        Practice
speaking professionally with employers in a no-stress environment. It's just practice but it could build your network and lead to a great career conversation in the future.
·        Prepare for the career fair and research the companies. Take the time to know who will be attending and challenge yourself to connect with the companies after the fair.

Juniors, Practice makes perfect! Attend the Professional Job Fair to gain a competitive edge!
·        Practice your networking skills. Speak to employers and learn about the experience necessary for your professional job search. Graduation is closer than you think!
·        Prepare for the career fair and research the companies. Take the time to know who will be attending and challenge yourself to connect with the companies after the fair to start building your network and a recruiting relationship.
·        Learn more about professional internship opportunities. Prepare questions regarding professional roles and internships.

Seniors! Your Professional Career Path Starts with the Professional Job Fair!
·        Attend the fair to network with professionals in a variety of industry roles. Do your research and have conversation items ready!
·        Make an Impact! You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Practice your introduction and conversation opening.
·        They are HIRING! Job search does not start at graduation. The average job search can take up to 6 months. Start early and follow-up with contacts made at the fair.

Just as you would study for a test or practice before a big game, preparation for your job search will only increase your potential to be successful after graduation. Networking is an ongoing process and the sooner you start, the more likely you are to develop quality professional contacts along the way.

Join us at the Professional Job Fair this Wednesday, October 22nd from 1-3:30p.m. in Fletcher Lounge of Plant Hall.

Jessie Bush, Assistant Director of Career Coaching and Professional Development
Lily Salem, Manager of Corporate and Community Development
Melena Postolowski, Assistant Director of Internship Programs
Office of Career Services
The University of Tampa

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