Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is your resume getting noticed?

In the Office of Career Services we sometimes hear concerns from students and alumni during the job and internship process. One of these concerns pertains to not hearing back from an employer after applying to a job or internship. An article published earlier this year on the website Career Realism, an online career magazine, discussed reasons why an employer may not be responding to your resume. The author, Jessica Hernandez, reviews some of the main reasons a resume may not be getting a response.

According to Jessica Hernandez, if your resume is not receiving a response it may be due to one of these six considerations:
1. It still has an objective statement
2. It lacks any form of personal branding
3. It's fluffy
4. Accomplishments are not highlighted
5. Duties and responsibilities have taken over
6. Metrics, facts, and figures are nowhere to be found

To learn how to avoid these resume pitfalls,  review the article and visit the Office of Career Services to have your resume reviewed.

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