Monday, March 3, 2014

A Semester of Lasts

This will be my last insightful blog post of this semester, so I feel that is fitting to talk about the end of things. For example, just last week I had my last meeting with a colleague. I recently attended my last NACA conference as a student. I’ve had my last winter break, and my last spring break is coming up. For many of you, including myself, this semester signifies your last year as a student. So, what does that mean? Moving on to bigger and better, perhaps. But also, it means that now is the time to cherish your experiences.

This is not just for those of you experiencing lasts this semester, but for every student here at UT. I implore you to take a good look at each day and approach it as a new opportunity, because as soon as it has passed it becomes an opportunity that you cannot reclaim. We here at Career Services are all about seeking opportunities, in any form, and so we hope you will take this advice to heart.

 Speaking of opportunities, I am sad to announce that after spring break I will begin looking for a replacement to take over my responsibilities of Marketing Intern for the Office of Career Services. We don’t have the exact timeline lined out yet, but you can look for the application on Hire-UT the week after spring break. If you have any questions feel free to email me at


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