Thursday, March 21, 2013

Break It Down!

This is the third and final blog post in a series of three titled “Nailing the Interview.” Check out the previous two: Suit Up! and Prep up!.

You've suited up, prepped, and now it’s time to close the deal! Follow these tips for the actual interview and hopefully you won’t experience a rejection quite like this:

Don’t be late, obviously. I know this is easier said then done but take traffic into consideration and allow some additional time to find the office or reception area of where you need to be. 15 minutes early is perfect.
Spit out or swallow the gum you've been chewing to freshen your breath. Try switching to tics tacs that you can finish in one bite.

You’re not going to the club, so go easy on the cologne or perfume.

Bring a list of a few references in case your interviewer requests contact information.

Be gracious to everyone; the receptionist may have an important say in who gets hired.

Remember to bring a pen and notepad to take down notes during the interview and write out answers to questions you prepared after reading this.

Don’t break their hand or turn it into a competition, but provide a firm handshake.

Repeat his or her name subtly after being introduced. It shows that you are paying attention and interested in what he or she has to offer.

Don’t lie or distort prior work experience. Focus on your core strengths and achievements during your time with that specific job.

We all care about the price tag regardless of what Jessie J sings, but do not bring up compensation and benefits too soon. This is more appropriate on a second or third interview.

Try to come across as confident and determined. Feel free to talk about yourself but always direct comments towards the job description to avoid coming off as pompous.

Eye contact is a must. If more than one employer is interviewing you, make sure you reach out to each individual in the interview.

Ask for a business card to stay in touch and remember to send a follow-up appreciation email or letter.

Keep searching for job opportunities; two is definitely better than one. Worse case scenario, you have to turn a job down.

After dressing for success, making the necessary preparations, and remembering those few tips, you’re bound to nail that interview. Good luck!

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