Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Suit Up!

Saturday’s Gasparilla dress code: Eye patch is a must, grab a few beads from last year to get ahead of the game, throw on that shirt you strategically cut up weeks in advance, and maybe use that bandanna you would never wear any other day of the year.

Now that we've hopefully taken off the eye patch or most likely lost it in Saturday’s chaos and proudly mounted our beads on the wall to document a day we scarcely remember, it is time to start putting just as much time and effort into planning what we wear for an interview in a business setting.

First impressions are everything. That line has been drilled into our minds since we started making friends on the playground. Don’t push Jessica off the swing or she won’t invite you to her birthday party, and you could kiss that goodie bag goodbye. In college, the best thing we can do to make a strong first impression is to present ourselves professionally or we can say goodbye to that job offer too.

Ladies and gentlemen, always suit up for an interview. 

It not only tells the world you mean business, but I am a firm believer in if you look good, you’ll feel good. It gives you that extra boost of confidence and that little pep in your step. Trust me, just the positive comments from friends on campus are enough to feel like a boss.

Ideally, invest in a suit that is 100% wool; it’s breathable fabric means you’ll sweat less and be more comfortable, even in the hot seat. The worst is when you can literally feel sweat dripping somewhere on your body. Gross, yes. True, you bet.  A suit with fancy Nikes or high tops will send mixed signals. You’re not going for the ‘I’m classy, but I’m here to party club vibe’, until the weekend of course. Put your best foot forward. Aim for a solid, basic, and recently polished shoe and closed toed for you ladies.

Make it your own. Feel free to add some stylish accessories, depending on how conservative the environment may be. Always match your belt with your shoes. Cuff links and jewelry can help you stand out and add a little sophistication to your overall look. Guys, shoot for a power tie: a bold red or gold will be your best bet.

Final reminders:
Wear high dress socks so your legs aren't exposed when you cross them.
Wear a watch. I can barely tell time on a regular watch, but it’s pretty fashionable.
Always leave the bottom button of your coat unbuttoned and unbutton your coat completely whenever you sit down.
Have the outfit pressed and ready to go the night before.

This is the first blog in a series of three titled “Nailing the Interview.”

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