Monday, January 21, 2013


Spam, spam, spam.  We all get it.  One advertisement after another….  But, every once in a while, there’s something good (and free!) that comes into my inbox.  This week I received an email from someone representing, a new website launched in October by a public policy organization of Chief Human Resource Officers from some of America’s top companies.  It was created specifically for entry-level job seekers to ask questions ranging from the hiring process to interviewing to questions that arise during the first few months of employment.  There are already hundreds of answers to questions about finding and landing your first job, and each question is answered by several HR officers.  The questions are broken down into categories, Internships, Networking, Resumes and Cover Letters, Salaries & Benefits, Workplace Relations, etc.  Check it out to see how the employers answer these “Most Popular” questions-
  • Would it look bad if I asked an interviewer not to contact my current employer?
  • What is a normal amount of summer work experience or internships to have coming out of college?
  • What kind of activities outside of classroom work are employers looking for?

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