Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New Academic Year. A fresh start to a more professional YOU!

Welcome to all new students and welcome back to those returning! This academic year will be the best yet. In order to ensure that the internship or job of your dreams is right around the corner you should follow these top 5 tips to manage your professional image both in-person and online.

1.       Your Professional Career Starts TODAY

a.       Take on the challenge of a new academic year through the lens of the professional that you are becoming. Every person you interact with is a potential mentor, reference, future colleague and networking contact. Arrive to class on-time, take the time to get to know your professors (they are the experts in their fields!) and consider ways to enhance your  professionalism.

2.       Guard your personal reputation!

a.       Make sure that you know and OWN what is being said about you. What do classmates, professors and/or supervisors think about you? If you don’t know, now is the time to ask!

3.       Google yourself!

a.       What comes up when you google yourself? If an employer searches for your name, what do they find? OWN your image online. Create a professional blog, perhaps a dream career journey. Social media can be a very positive way to interact with the professional world around you. Make sure you DO NOT post inappropriate photos or posts. They could change the course of achieving that dream job.

4.       Dress for the job you want!

a.       We all know you do not have to wear a professional suit to make an impression in everyday life. On the contrary, those students who dress in business casual (no flip flops, short shorts, tank tops, etc.) have the opportunity to stand out amongst their peers and show respect to the faculty teaching these courses. Also, make sure you review the professional dress blog prior to the upcoming Professional Job Fair on October 22.

5.       Become a LEADER!

a.       Challenge yourself to take on an active role in a student club or organization. Employers are interested in those students that not only excel in the classroom but also in the community around them. Leader stands out on a resume!

Take control of your career. Only YOU can dictate your future and it starts TODAY!

Jessie Bush
Assistant Director
Career Coaching & Professional Development

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