Thursday, October 10, 2013

ONE MORE TEST- Are you Ready?

As the economy shifts to a more stable and growing job market for graduating students, companies are once again preparing for a competitive job market to identify and hire the next top talent for their organizations.  With an increased importance on analyzing data, problems solving and critical thinking, new assessments are being developed to help companies better assess future employees readiness for the “real world”.    Some of these measurements focus on the student’s institution and how prepared the university prepared graduating students, while others assess an individual’s capabilities in this area.   One assessment, the Collegiate Learning Assessment, measures the incoming academic ability of the institution the student attended.

Whether you agree with this or not, more and more companies are using this type of assessment similarly to how schools evaluate SAT scores for incoming freshman.   To best prepare for that next step, we encourage you to review the latest information available to make sure you are best suited for the economy you are about to enter.   The skills mentioned above along with communication and interpersonal skills are among the most sought after by employers regardless of the industry or job.   Get prepared now!

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