Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Plan

Although summer is often the time for rest and relaxation and a slower pace than during the academic year, it’s still the perfect time to get some major-related work experience or, at the least, work experience that will give you some transferable skills to include on your resume.  If you are staying in Tampa for the summer and are still looking for a job, I just checked HIRE-UT and, using the one-click search for “Part Time Jobs Posted by my Career Center,” I found 105 part time jobs in addition to the 60 internships that are currently listed.  If you are looking elsewhere or would like to cast a wider net, try these popular search engines for part time jobs:  

Most of these also list entry-level jobs, and the search can be refined by industry and location. The outlook for summer jobs is improved over the past few years, but the most sought-after jobs are still highly competitive, so fine tune your resume, polish up your interview skills, and get that job!

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