Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fall Registration Time

It’s the time of year that students begin to question their choice of major and career.  Although I can’t wave my “magic wand” or see into my “crystal ball” to grant you a new major, I can certainly offer you some steps to help yourself narrow down your options.
1.        Self-Assessment – Explore and learn more about
·         Values – What is most important to you
·         Interests – What you like to do
·         Personality – Complex set of behavioral traits that make us different and unique
·         Skills/Abilities – special talents
2.       Research and Exploration – Explore and Investigate the World of Work
·         Job Shadowing
·         Internships
·         Volunteer Experience/Part-time jobs
·         Research
3.       Decision Making
·         Research jobs and careers using Career Services resources such as O*Net and “What Can I Do With This Major”
·         Conduct an Information Interview
·         Read the catalog for course descriptions and requirements
·         Talk to upperclassmen and department faculty about the major
4.       Get Experience
·         Job Shadowing
·         Student Involvement
·         Volunteer Work
·         Study Abroad
·         Summer job
Still undecided?  Schedule an appointment with Career Services and get started on the process of finding the right major for you! 

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