Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Web resources for Career Exploration

At least once a day, a student will tell me that he or she has chosen a particular major, but then the next question is “What can I do with this major?”  Sound familiar? The Office of Career Services would like to share some great web resources that will help you explore possible career paths for your major.

On our career and major exploration site, we have links to “What Can I Do With This Major?” along with links to several government websites such as O*Net and the Occupational Outlook Handbook. 

Maybe you know a specific career that interests you, but you don’t know much about that job.  O*Net Online is a terrific source  and can give you information about the knowledge, skills and abilities  needed for a particular career, as well as the projected salary and outlook for the next ten years.  For example, a recent search for an event planner showed a “bright outlook” for that career in the future.   It’s very easy to search with a key word, or you can type in a particular career in the box that says “I want to be a….” .

On “What Can I Do With This Major?” you will find information on the major along with numerous links to various professional organizations associated with that major.  If you look up Psychology, you will find links to the American Psychological Association, Society for Human Resources Management, and the American Counseling Association, just to name a few.  This site is full of useful information.

So do some web surfing that will benefit you, and find information on your particular major and related careers so that the next time someone asks you, “What are you going to do with that major?” – you will have a good answer!  If you have any questions about these resources or any other career or major exploration questions, please feel free to schedule an appointment with a career counselor to talk about your options!


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