Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recruiting Trends: Attracting and Retaining Gen Y (This is YOU current UT students)

Finding the jobs, internships and careers that fit you best can be challenging to say the least.   One of the best methods to bring about success is through researching yourself as well as the company and industries you are seeking to enter.   This past January, The University of Tampa and University of South Florida hosted its annual Recruiting Trends program bringing together reps from many of the top companies in the Tampa Bay and state of Florida. 

Our program kicked off with returning keynote speaker Dr. Phil Gardner from Michigan State and CERI www.ceri.msu.edu/ discussing the latest trends and anticipated hiring practices by companies in 2014. 

In closing, the program focused on local reps and recent graduates discussing what they are doing to attract the "best and brightest" from UT and other schools to help drive success in their businesses and hiring strategies.   As a result, a great blog was created to share some additional insight on the topic.  As a current student, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, take a few minutes to read the article linked below to better position yourself for the world of work you are entering.   Enjoy the GREAT read and let us know if you agree as a member of Generation Y.


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